Can we change GS441524 brands for FIP treatment?

Can we change GS441524 brands for FIP treatment?

We have received many inquiries regarding the different brands of FIP treatment and asked if they can change the brand for their cat’s treatment from one brand to another. In this post, we would like to address your inquiries related to the question.

The drug that is widely and most commonly used to treat FIP in cats is known as GS441524 (there are other antiviral drugs which are currently being studied). The function of GS441524 is to stop the replication of FIP virus in the body of the cat, this will eventually reduce and eliminate all the FIP virus in the body of the cat. When the replication process of FIP virus is stopped in the body of the cat, this allows the cat to recover from the damage that was done by the virus, and any other secondary infection that occurred when the cat was weak.

To answer the question, if your cat is currently using the antiviral drug GS441524 for its FIP treatment, then it is not an issue for you to change to a different brand that offers the same antiviral drug. However, during the process, it is important to take note of several key information:

A. body weight of cat (kg)
B. current FIP treatment dosage (mg/kg) 

The daily injection dose should be recalculated as below:

New daily injection dose (ml) = (current FIP treatment dosage ÷ new vial concentration) x body weight of cat

If you do not know how to determine the current FIP treatment dosage of your cat, you can contact our admins or FIP consultants, and we will guide you on the calculation of the new injection dose.

For further information on FIP treatment, please read our FIP treatment guide.